Going Back, To Go Forward.

A year ago I wrote about moving to Columbus, Ohio and going to work for J. America, designing apparel for THE Ohio State University. Today I am writing about leaving the Columbus. I wasn’t looking, but an offer came along and the timing is right take the next step in advancing my design career.

In March, I will be moving back to Orlando, Florida as Lead Designer at Three21 Creative, a small but upcoming ad agency where I will lead the branding and identity development of the group, who are all Full Sail University alumni like myself. My hope is that there will be lots of sports branding opportunities, and that is something I am looking forward to pursuing. 

For a while now I have pictured myself doing this type of work and living in Florida as “the dream”. But the opportunity has come earlier than I ever thought it would and is bittersweet. It actually was not an easy choice to make. The people I have worked with at J. America from top to intern have been truly amazing and have made coming to work every day an absolute joy. I am not sad about leaving Ohio, or leaving the work load, but I am very sad about leaving the friends I have made over the last year. It was a group that grew fast, that experienced some scary moments together and more laughs than you can imagine. It is a special group of people that I will remember forever and hope to always be friends with.

No one knows how much and how hard we have worked to make the Ohio State apparel product the best it can be. I think in the fall of this year it will show and people will be very pleased. Because I have seen a few season lines down the road, I know it only gets better and I’m sure will continue to do so each year. I really think Ohio State fans will love J. America product, and I am very proud to have been a part of it.

So, now I am a Banksy loving graphic designer at an advertising agency. Im sure there’s a good joke in there somewhere.