Pictured above here we've got a photo of Grant Morrison sporting a classy Tom of Finland kind of look. Below, Alan Moore, with sort of a more Fimbulvinter thing going on.
These two play the key roles in a minor dispute that I've affectionately begun calling THE WIZARD WAR. They also both write comics. Specifically some of the most notable comic book titles to come out in the last thirty some odd years, such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Moore), The Invisibles (Morrison), The Watchmen (Moore), Doom Patrol (Morrison), V for Vendetta (Moore), and We3 (Morrison), just to name a few. Alan Moore's titles may be a little more immediately recognizable due to the fact that many of them have been made into awful, awful films (much to Mr. Moore's chagrin), but this in no way means he's more famous or reputable than Morrison, at least not in the comic world (and, as a sideline, I recently heard rumor that Grant Morrison's We3 was optioned by New Line Cinema).

So aside from fame and multiple awards, what do the two authors have in common? Well they are both well known for reappropriating famous literary and comic characters throughout their works as well as famous historic events. They both have tendencies to write storylines that wax philosophical, question ethical standards, gender, religion, and generally question authority- that is, in a weird between-the-lines comic author sort of way. Oh, and they also totally hate each other. Why? Man, I dunno'...

...I really don't! But okay, okay. Maybe 'hate' is a strong word to use. However there is rumor of some dispute, and they have both made it clear publicly that they are not buddies. I suppose creative disputes are common through all of literature, graphic or non (hell, look at Stan Lee and Steve Ditko). Anyhow, in the vein of our FAMOUS LITERARY DISPUTES shelf that Sparks created on Green Apple's landing some time ago, our new expanded graphic novel section in our fiction annex now features a shelf fully dedicated to THE WIZARD WAR. It showcases choice titles by both authors. Check it out the next time you stop by, y'know, if you're in to that sort of thing.

Oh, and look up some gossip on both of these guys sometime if you're bored. Man they are kooks!