Ain't No Monkey Like a Crazy Ass Monkey on a Boat

Okay, okay. Even better than my last theme idea for summer reads (y'know, 'tropical'), I came up with another one- How about this summer we all try to read nothing but books that have scenes featuring monkeys going nuts on a boats? Or at least non-human primates. I'm aware that's a photo of an orangutan up there, but the fact is that this category is even more difficult to drum up books for the list than the last. Limiting the constraints to 'monkeys only' would probably be WAY too stringent. All I've got so far is A High Wind in Jamaica (previously mentioned the book, neglected to mention it's multitude of tumorous monkey madness) and Moravagine. Both good ideas I think, and Cendrars' masterpiece may just have the sailing monkey scene to end all sailing monkey scenes (well, it's an ape yet again in this case, and on a steamer too, so not even really sailing- still totally outta' control though!), I just need more to tide me over for an entire summer... seriously, help me out here, folks!

Take a look HERE for an excerpt of what I'm talking about in Moravagine.
And then watch THIS over and over and over and over, just 'cause.