Borders leaves, Freedom arrives

OK, so the two are not related, but here's the book news of the day.

Borders is closing stores, including one of their 4 San Francisco locations (near the ballpark). We're thrilled to announce that we're NOT closing (except overnight, as we always have, and on Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Borders is also putting in some sort of make-your-own-teddy-bear workshops. Now we at Green Apple are not against selling non-book items to stay profitable (see here), and we've always promised to stay nimble and adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. But, hmm.

In other news, the most buzzed-about novel in a long time is out today: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. The front cover of Time magazine, Obama's acquisition of the book pre-publication, multiple gushing reviews in the NY Times and elsewhere.

For a simultaneously amusing and enlightening review, see this video from the Washington Post.

We're discounting Freedom 20% (for now). So come support a store that is NOT bailing on San Francisco though times are tough. Save $5, get it today, and have some dim sum. It's even sunny right now. . . .(10:37 am 8/31/10--no guarantees).