Memory lane: our catalogs

Many years ago, Green Apple had a mailing list.  Not an email list (which you should be on if you're reading this; join here).  And we produced a (quarterly?) catalog of new books.  I stumbled on a batch of them recently.  They're from the late 1980s and early 1990s, judging from the books featured therein.

Within I found some timelessness, both in the irreverent attitude of the production (see cover #1 below) and in the content: there's Philip Roth with a new book, and Martin Amis, and Alice Munro and a Jack London biography.

Key differences?  Sales tax (according to the order form on the back) was 6.5%. Hardcovers averaged $18.95.  How quaint, huh?

Here are scanned covers of four newsletters from years passed.  I kind of think that last one would make a nice Green Apple t-shirt, huh?