May 21, Judgement Day

Mark your calendars, the end is near.

It turns out that while most of us are preparing for a cataclysmic end in 2012 (that's what we're doing, right?), the day of judgement is imminently upon us, at least according to Oakland's own Harold Camping, who believes that May 21 is the day of rapture. Camping bases his belief on a rigorous study of the Bible, which apparently reveals, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we've got just a little over a week before Christ returns to cast judgement.

But don't start panicking just yet, this isn't quite the End, at least for the vast majority of us non-believers. We've got a few more months: the actual end is slated for October.

In the meantime, read a good book. If not The Good Book.

Not a taco truck