The Inner Richmond

My originally casual interest in photography somehow mutated into an expensive compulsion over the last few years. For the better part of this time I have been employed at Green Apple Books & Music. When I find myself excited to see how some photographs are going to turn out but still have some shots left on the roll, it is not uncommon for me to bring my camera to work and try to finish it off, wandering around Clement and the avenues on breaks. Fortunately this neighborhood is a massive pile up of personality and culture condensed into a tiny space, so I am never lacking of subtly odd or amusing sights. As if there was any more need for reasons to stop by for a visit.

Chinese New Year Celebrations
These women were all trying to build 'perfect dozens' at the grocery store, which I think is totally crazy and I love it.
How do they make dogs like this?
This last picture was was taken by my coworker, billed as 'A' on this blog. I was lacking my camera that day, but we agreed that the little tub was just begging to have his photo taken.