The Roads to Green Apple

It's weird when I am at work and people ask me to watch their car while they run in to the store. I have received this request in all seriousness multiple times, enough for it to be worth mentioning and now publicly respond, hollering into this echoing internet void, "I'm sorry, but you'll just have to find parking somewhere close by."


Green Apple Books is fortunate enough to be located mere feet away from multiple stops for a few major bus routes (2 & 44 right out front, 1 & 38 a couple of blocks away, and the 33 a few more) and hosts ample bicycle parking right in front of the store, but Clement St. being the hectic and heavily trafficked that it is can pose problems for drivers. Especially those who just wish to come to sell a handful of used books. Finding parking around these parts can sometimes take longer than your planned trip to the store, but unless you're expecting to make upwards of $253.00 on a book sale I recommend avoiding parking in the bus zone... and in the event that SF's parking policies ever catch up with those of Lithuania, well, the recommendation stands even a bit more firm.

Oh, and as a final note, if you really want to impress make your way here on a Pedersen. Don't know? Read this.