a lazy blogger's links

I have nothing original to say today, but these are a few of my favorite things of late online:
  • Chip Kidd discussing his process on designing Murakami's 1Q84 cover.
  • this weekly list of diversions for kids called "Because the Sunday New York Times Doesn't Have Comics."
  • a NYT piece answering this: "When an e-reader is loaded with thousands of books, does it gain any weight?" In short? Yes. Barely.
  • Our peers in DC at Politics and Prose have a swell FB page that gleans advice on good living from famous authors.
  • Finally, on our own FB page, there's quite a lively discussion of literary Halloween costumes (though thankfully no Virginia Woolf suggestions. Yet).
Now go read a good book (like the one I'm enjoying now, Peter Orner's new novel Love and Shame and Love).