Penn State football

Recently the question of "Should Penn State change their uniforms?" came across twitter. My answer was "no, the problem is the brand not the identity". I say that realizing that identity is always tied to brand and should be a reflection of it. I also feel that any change to the football uniform would be a reminder of why they chose to change it, and therefore tainting the brand's future. They dig themselves into a hole they can never get out of, at least not for a long time.

I think of what it would be like to be a Penn State alum and being at the first home game where the football team takes the field again and what i would want to feel during that experience. If Penn State football crashes to the depths of 1-AA and struggles for years, then a new identity would be in order. But the current identity does not need to spark excitement, gain attention, or become more modern. What it needs when that team finally takes the field is a sense of pride, unity, and a reminder of the great tradition and powerhouse school they once were. All of that is in their current identity. More than ever they need to find strength in something that represents Penn State in its best light. 400+ wins in 1 uniform will tend to do that.