Green Apple Commercial #13: Tom McCarthy's "C"

The Upcoming Book of the Month:
Available Tuesday, September 7th
Tom McCarthy's "C"

Following on the heels of Remainder (2007), a book Zadie Smith called "one of the greatest English novels of the last ten years," comes Tom McCarthy's dazzlingly complex and riveting novel, C. Set at the turn of the 20th century, C - a letter signifying a number of things, from communications to coincidence to cocaine, from ciphers to Cairo to crackpots - tells the story of Serge Carrefax (another contributing "C") as he navigates through the onset of modernity, moving from an idyllic childhood in the British countryside to a series of tumultuous and formative events (he's an airman in WW1, a POW, a debaucherous student in post-war London, a spy in Egypt...). As much an adventure story as a novel of ideas, C is unlike anything you will read this year - which is why we're so excited to select it as our "Book of the Month."