Too Damn Many Books!

Sometimes we just get so many books in our warehouse that we have to clear some of them out. Here's the Yelp review of the clearance store we had up the street a few years ago. That surplus was due mostly to shutting down our internet warehouse and suddenly finding ourselves with thousands of more books than we knew what to do with. Not quite the case this time, but we do have some excellent remainders that our buyers just guessed wrong on. We thought they would sell in droves, and some of them did, just not droves enough. These are quality books like Pen/Faulkner winner Netherland in hardback for a mere $2.99,`Eric Schlosser's young adult edition of Fast Food Nation called Chew on This for a mere $1.99, and maybe the best buy of all, The Ultimate David Sedaris audio collection on CD, which retailed for almost $100 when it was new, now it is only $24.98. Supplies are limited, get 'em while they're hot.

Check out these other highlights from the clearance table:

Roast Chicken and Other Stories: Originally $24.95 then $7.98 Now $3.99

McSweeney's 24 Originally $24.00 Then $9.98 Now $4.99

Chris Ware: Originally $22.50 Then $9.98 Now $4.99