Amazon Agrees To Collect Sales Tax!

...uh, well, not for them to collect sales tax, as retailers generally do at the time of purchase, but for you to keep track of your Amazon purchases and remit that sales tax on your own.

Here is a link to the story from WISTV News 10, Columbia South Carolina's news leader. Apparently even Republicans in that state are thinking it is time for Amazon to contribute to the local coffers. But here is the quote from the story that caught my eye: "A coalition of community and business leaders gathered Thursday afternoon at the Lexington County administration building to show their support for Amazon. They said Amazon is not attempting to avoid charging sales tax on items. They said it is the responsibility of shoppers to pay that tax on their own." Those italics are definitely my own.

So Californians, here is how it works: after every purchase you make from, write a check for 9.5% of the purchase amount made out to the Board of Equalization. Send that check to P.O. Box 942879 Sacramento CA 94279. If we all do our part, maybe our schools will stay open and our roads will get paved and there will be firefighters there to get our cat down from that tree. All those little things that make life in the Golden State worth living.