An Afternoon of Leisure

A slow day at the bookshop affords the discerning clerk an extended opportunity for further exploration of the store itself. Spare moments to bask in the niceties and eccentricities of Green Apple is truly one of the finer points of spending so many weeks of the year here. The other day while casually shelving the 'sex and relationships' section I came across this title-

Nothing so special about this standard guide to S&M? Perhaps, but do you recognize that pseudonym? Why it's Race Bannon (pictured below w/ a couple of rascals), famous bodyguard of Johnny Quest, star of the groundbreaking Hanna-Barbera cartoon of the same title! I suppose a special agent bodyguard/pilot working for Intelligence One would have to know a little something about ropes as well. Wow! Bless SF for keeping it legal.


This fancy lady from the cover of If You Enjoy The Pleasures of Cocaine This Book May Save Your Life looks like the perfect match for Eustace Tilley, New York's famed dandy. I imagine a short relationship reeling at once between heaven and hell. A sordid tale of rich people with problems. Now what novel does that remind me of? Hm. Maybe it was a memoir...

Now it's your turn.