Meet the Author(s)

Proudly introducing an opportunity to meet your favorite Green Apple blog author, me! One time only, the 27th of this July 2011 I'll be at Pegasus books in Berkeley! To be fair though, taking all of your questions, concerns and complaints will come secondary to my primary reason for being there- to observe author, illustrator and artist, Anders Nilsen presenting his soon-to-be released (August 4th) book Big Questions.

A decade long endeavor, I've personally been waiting for the Big Questions series to be collected for quite a few years myself, and although I'm not quite sure how a visual presentation of a graphic novel is structured (read a word balloon, pass the book around so everyone can see the picture?) Nilsen's long resume of accomplishments leaves me assured that any attending will be in for a unique event. Big Questions itself is a drifting, philosophical journey hazily reminiscent of Aesop's fables (talking animals) or a Greek epic filtered through a bizarre lens lent by modern trappings. His installation art has never been short of visually stunning, and furthermore the dude is a pretty good skater.

A link to more information via Peagasus Books can be found HERE.

Below (and I guess above too) I've included only the tiniest taste of Mr. Nilsen's work, if not to get you to go to the event itself, then at least enough to prompt you to start exploring a bit on your own.

The cover to the upcoming Big Questions collection.

An installation by Anders Nilsen composed of buttons, each with individual illustrations or photographs on them.

Anders Nilsen's depiction of Richard Brautigan