Mr. Trivia

Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men series (1971) and Little Miss series (1981) have remained in print since their respective inception, been translated into nearly thirty languages, and have sold millions upon millions of copies. Seeing them pass through the store, parents purchasing the little books and immediately handing them to their children at the front counter, has always made me a little nostalgic. I grew up on the series myself, had a few personal favorites, and still get a kick out of how deceptively stylish they are. Too cute for words, really. Not too cute for franchising however, as I discovered the other night.

Not normally one to be suckered into buying a bunch of crap just because the item(s) in question bears the image of some nostalgic-to-me icon, I have to admit that I was, sheepishly, a little smitten when I discovered some of the Mr. & Little Miss products that have been created over the past few decades. A couple of these things would probably be floating around in my room to this day if they had seen fit to distribute them more widely in the US.

-Mr. Lazy Slippers
-Mr. Cool Toilet Seat Covers
-Mr. Funny's Runny Honey (what?!)
-Mr. Bump Plasters

Furthermore, I would like to try all of these candies: