2012 calendars are here

Each year, we anticipate that our calendar sales will decline a bit. Doesn't everyone use Google's calendar or some other electronic version? But you, beloved Green Apple customers, keep buying them. Thanks for proving us wrong year after year.

Well, we bought plenty again this year, about 900 different calendars in all. There are:
  • page-a-days (to learn a language, have a daily laugh, or inspire you);
  • weekly and monthly and daily planners, from pocket versions to big, handsome editions;
  • and wall calendars, from tiny to huge.
The themes and images of these calendars reflect, of course, the diverse interest of our customers, from nature to eastern religion, San Francisciana to humor, sports to children's images.

As always, the selection is best now, as we don't re-order calendars, so come on in and get ready for 2012.