Its always seemed odd to me that i would have such an interest in branding and advertising. Im rebellious in nature, the type that wants to do the opposite of what im told and mocks authority, rules, and played out traditions. So to be really drawn to a world that preaches a message to a wide audience of others (advertising) and helps people take other peoples money and making them feel good about it (branding) has been perplexing. For the longest time i havent been able to figure out why this is. How could i find "brandalism" so disgusting and corruptive, but still want to bring these things to other people and enjoy it?

I believe now what draws my artistic interest to all this is control. Or better yet a chance to change things for the better. I think it was Milton Glazer who said something like "a designers job is to fight against ugliness". Thats why i like branding so much, because as a freelance designer you get to take on the clients and projects you want. You get to start with good people, with a good message and product. Then, you get to make their identity look badass. You dont have to accept the job from some sleazy douche bag with shitty product whose entire message/campaign is based on a fallacy.

When i can work with people who genuinely care about their customers and making a positive impact on the world, thats when i love what i do the most. Those who want to push some status quo are even better. Those people make the world a better place and i like making other people aware of them through art and design. Thats the whole control aspect of it for me. When i see a fast food billboard advertising some bullshit "made with real" product on the same block as an elementary school, thats when i get pissed and despise advertising and branding. Thats "brandalism". And fuck that.